Impact Study: Consumer Banking Technology Strategy - Baseline Assessment, Target State & Roadmap

Amidst a recent acquisition spree, the consumer banking landscape has become more complex and the client’s IT priorities have shifted.

Impact Study: Consumer Banking Technology Strategy - Baseline Assessment, Target State & Roadmap
Impact Study: Consumer Technology Strategy - Baseline Assessment, Target State & Roadmap

A new, cohesive, consumer-centric technology strategy and IT roadmap for the Consumer Bank was needed to clearly articulate the vision, design, and plan for enabling core digitization, national expansion, scaling growth, and deepening relationships in yet another great partnership with Further Advisory.

Client: Fortune 500 Regional Bank
Industry: Financial Services & Banking
Sponsor: Chief Information Officer (CIO) – Consumer Banking & Product Engineering
Locale: United States

The Challenge

Amidst a recent acquisition spree, the consumer banking landscape had become more complex, broadening into four additional U.S. states, and the client’s IT priorities had shifted. Additionally, the bank wanted to deepen its relationships with its existing clients, while restructuring to place those customers at the center of everything they do.

Engagement Description

We developed an actionable IT strategy for realizing a customer relationship-driven vision of banking.  Leveraging stakeholder interviews, we assessed the current-state technology and business goals and crafted a target state vision, architecture, operating model and set of core capabilities to guide their transformation.


"This is a great strategy that my team is onboard with, it's pragmatic and actionable. This strategy is also significantly better than my prior strategy from another firm and I wish I had used you for that strategy too!" - Consumer Bank CIO 

Outcomes Delivered

Mesh Digital Led Work Streams

Engineering Strategic Charter (Consumer & Commercial Banking). Documented a common understanding of the goals, values, strengths, weaknesses, and expectations to inform the development and measurement of the consumer technology strategy.

Proto-personas.  Created a set of three proto-personas to support the strategic alignment of the consumer tech strategy to engineering-centric perspectives designed to inform and steer engineering enablment across the bank.

Mesh Digital Executive Advisory / Further Advsiory Led Work Streams

Consumer Banking Target State Design.  Defined the conceptual architecture, including identification of key cross-consumer platforms and capabilities needed to enable a consistent, intelligence-fueled customer and colleague experience.

Multi-Speed Operating Model. Proposed a multi-speed operating model to balance speed and quality in the acceleration of innovation while driving end-to-end delivery excellence across teams, using a prioritization framework, and clearly defined gating standards.

•  Consumer Technology Initiatives & Roadmap. Provided organizational recommendations and a sequencing of key initiatives to prepare the organization for mobilization of the consumer technology strategy and the road to customer centricity.